Mission: Billy Strayhorn Songs, Inc. was established in 1997 to bring recognition to Billy Strayhorn who, as one of America's greatest composers, has made a major contribution to the world of music; to provide printed music of Billy Strayhorn enabling the study his legacy and performance of his compositions; to enlighten and inspire the public regarding Strayhorn's freedom to be himself; and to bring into focus this man who was known to have lived by four freedoms namely, freedom from hate, freedom from self pity, freedom from fear of doing something that would benefit someone else more than it would himself and freedom from the pride that could make him feel that he was better than others.

Motto: "Ever Up and Onward"

Billy Strayhorn Songs, Inc. Board of Directors:

Alyce Claerbaut:  President
William E. Strayhorn: Vice President
John Strayhorn:  Treasurer
Leslie M. Demus: Secretary
Gregory A. Morris: Board Member
Galen Demus, Board Member

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