"....Billy Strayhorn was my right arm, my left arm, all the eyes in the back of my head, my brainwaves in his head, and his in mine."

- Duke Ellington

" It (Strayhorn's Compositions) made us all think a little differently about what we were doing"

- Benny Carter

"Strayhorn is like Beethoven--every note he wrote seems inevitable."

- Cliff Colnot, Resident Conductor, Civic Orchestra of Chicago

"That's all I did - that's all I ever did - try to do what Billy Strayhorn did."

- Gil Evans

"All those sevenths --- man, I never heard anything like those things until him."

- Dizzy Gillespie

"Billy Strayhorn wrote Multicolored Blue. Billy to me is the boss of the arrangers."

- Quincy Jones

"When Strayhorn came on the scene, he just blew us away..."

- Gerry Mulligan


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