Advanced Vocal Literature: Learning The Music of Billy Strayhorn at the Nashville Jazz Workshop

From October 16th thru November 22nd, Instructor Lori Mechem from the prestigious Nashville Jazz Workshop will be offering an in depth course highlighting the musical mastery of Billy Strayhorn. While Billy Strayhorn was a composer and arranger who spent most of his career as Duke Ellington’s musical partner, you will study and perform some of Billy’s most famous lyrical compositions such as, “Lush Life”, “Passion Flower”, “The Star-Crossed Lovers”, “A Flower is a Lovesome Thing”, “Something to Live For” and many more.

The mission of the Nashville Jazz Workshop is to enrich people’s lives and build community through world class jazz education and performances.

They accomplish their mission through:

  • A workshop environment where jazz professionals pass on their knowledge & experience in a journeyman/apprentice situation
  • Classes for players & non-players
  • Performances to promote community appreciation of jazz

They embrace diversity among our faculty, staff, and students as a means of achieving excellence in education, as a stimulus for innovation and problem solving, and for ensuring a culture of inclusion. Learn more about these exciting classes and the Nashville Jazz Workshop at: