Congratulations to Brenten Handfield, 2021 recipient of the Billy Strayhorn Jazz Education Scholarship Award for the Litchfield Jazz Camp

Congratulations to Brenten Handfield, percussionist from Miami, Florida, who was our 2nd recipient of the Billy Strayhorn Jazz Education Scholarship Award from the Litchfield Jazz Camp for 2021. This is the first year that Brenten has attended the camp in Connecticut, and it definitely was a great experience for him. We are happy to welcome Brenten as another Strayhorn Scholarship recipient who was able to attend this prestigious summer jazz camp.

The Billy Strayhorn Jazz Education Scholarship Award was established in 2008 by Billy Strayhorn Songs, Inc. to recognize students, teachers, and institutions that display through performance and instruction a strong passion for playing, studying and perpetuating jazz. The Billy Strayhorn Foundation has managed the award since 2010. The award recognizes that the perpetuation of jazz will come only through future generations of performers. Given annually, the BSJESA promotes the values to which Billy Strayhorn adhered in his musical life namely, personal integrity, commitment to excellence, and perseverance.

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Photo by Stephan Papandrea