Happy Birthday Billy Strayhorn!!

Billy Strayhorn Songs Inc. and the Billy Strayhorn Foundation celebrate November 29th, 2023 as a very special day, the 108th birthday of arranger, composer, lyricist and pianist Billy Strayhorn. Even though he passed in 1967, the Strayhorn legacy continues to grow. His contribution to the worldwide jazz community and his involvement in many other socially relevant issues of his time (the 1940’s till his passing in 1967) resonates even more in this 21st century. Strayhorn’s life as an openly gay male serves as a model for so many looking to find their comfortable space. The visionary musical blueprint he left, along with Duke Ellington, has set the highest standard for composing and arranging for so many in the jazz world. We leave you on this happy heavenly birthday with a favorite phrase of the man known as Swee’ Pea…”Ever Up and Onward”!