“Lush Life” makes President Obama’s 2021 summer music playlist

If you’ve followed Barack Obama’s career at all, you know that when it comes to music, books, art, and all things pop culture, he is something of a Tastemaker-in-Chief. As President, he and Mrs. Obama welcomed dancers, artists, and musicians into the halls of the White House for special performances and ceremonies—including a few where President Obama grabbed the mic himself! An extension of his appreciation for a snappy lyric and an undeniable bass line, he put out his first-ever Spotify playlist in 2015. It quickly turned into a groovy tradition that’s still going strong. 

We are honored that his 2021 summer playlist includes the Strayhorn classic “Lush Life” (sung by the great Ella Fitzgerald) as a must have for your IPod!. Check out more of the Presidents music and reading list for 2021 at obama.org.